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Amie Yancey:: I think "nice" markets, even though Scott fights me on it. I put extra coatings and also touches on them that-- I suggest, no one in this area, unless they were maintaining the house or was a homeowner improving it, would have included a double-stacked cabinet (like I did to this residence today). All those cupboards have actually been redecorated, they're getting sittinged glass in them, limestone floorings.

Flipping Vegas

Scott says visitors of the program are really just seeing a picture of their the real world. For each and every episode, approximately 120 to 140 hrs of video is shot, which is then edited down to 43 mins. Scott keeps in mind viewers are just shown the anxiety that causes their high-tension, high-speed mission to overcome the actual estate land of lots in Vegas. Generally, Scott says, the show is modified for dramatic functions and also does not reflect the genuine Yanceys. "What individuals see is us emphasized in a home on an episode," Scott informed The Las Vegas Sun. "What they don't see is us doing 5 others at the same time. [...] The TV program generally edits in the drama. They don't see that a hr from currently, we're going to be holding hands strolling our dog somewhere. They edit it in a way that's undoubtedly going to be most amusing. They don't ever before reveal me claim 'Thank you, great job' to someone or show us mosting likely to a restaurant in the evening or in the summer on a beach." Still, he claims it's not always a barbecue functioning with his better half. "It's fact TV for a reason, however try collaborating with your other half for 12-14 hrs a day," Scott told Vegas Seven.

A successful genuine estate agent in her very own right, Amie has actually marketed more than 700 houses on her very own because moving to Vegas with Scott in 2004. When not getting up genuine estate or arguing over a layout detail on a house she and also Scott are flipping, she could usually be found with her steeds or on one of eight motorcycles that she owns. She could frequently be seen cruising around Vegas in her Porsche and also has a love for dirt biking and simply regarding any kind of sport that consists of a set of wheels.

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A.Y.: We had a house that everybody marketed on Craigslist for 2 years. It didn't have anything left in it; it appeared like it had actually remained in a war. No doors, no closets. They took out the fireplace. They jackhammered the floor covering.

It's improved tremendously. Last year, we had a shortage of supply and also costs rose about 20-25 percent in various locations. This year, it's canceling, which is what we desire. We do not desire any kind of big downs and also large ups. We want security. That's just what you're seeing-- a natural development, the natural way a market should grow. ... Eighty percent of the marketplace is standard sales, so individuals have equity in their residences once more.

Scott Yancey: We were originally in land development, as well as I would commute to Central California. In around 2007, when things formally tanked, we were going to move down to our residence in Cabo and also take a few years until the market came back. Just what ended up happening is we marketed our house and also were about to leave, and I heard a person state that you could acquire a house in Vegas for $36,000 that would certainly rent for $900 a month.
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Scott as well as Amie have each succeeded over the previous 20 years in the realty service, and they share a philosophy of repaying to the neighborhood. Since 2014, Scott and Amie each had a net worth of around $5 million and also really feel extremely highly concerning sharing their good ton of money. In one episode of Flipping Vegas, the Yanceys are seen giving away a house to a homeless damaged professional in requirement. Additionally, they started a number of charities and charity drive, including Ride to Recovery events, which aid injured professionals.

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Concerning the most significant misunderstanding that audiences could have about the show, Scott Yancey stated, "What the individuals see is us stressed in a house on an episode. What they don't see is us doing five others at the very same time. [...] The TV program typically edits in the drama. They don't see that a hr from currently, we're gon na be holding hands walking our pet somewhere. They edit it in such a way that's undoubtedly going to be most enjoyable. They don't ever reveal me claim 'thanks, excellent job' to somebody or show us going to a dining establishment during the night or in the summer on a coastline." [9] Amie Yancey stated, "The important things is that in TV land, they speed up everything up. They [the visitors] assume, 'Oh, wow, it's a wind. They are available you could try this out in, and it's done.' It takes a long period of time to put them together, to choose the fit scott yancey realtors as well as yancey finish and also service the high quality. They just see a peek of it." [9]
Scott is a lot even more compared to a genuine estate mogul-- he's additionally an accomplished author.

S.Y.: Everybody likes Vegas, and there are a lot of pluses to being right here, however the marketplace has obtained tighter currently for individuals to buy houses. Various other cities, like Detroit or Atlanta, or places like Florida as well as Kansas, it could be said that they have far better opportunities in those locations. Do they have the home entertainment, the eating, the weather that we have here? So you should pay a bit even more to be here.

There was such a significant supply vs. need, we were killing it. And also after that, years later, individuals entered it, and the supply and demand transformed. And it obtained a bit harder to go after residences. We've been doing it sufficient as well as locating buildings so several various means that we still were able to obtain an excellent amount of volume. Currently it's changed once again. Currently there's excess supply, and also the days on the market are taking much longer.

I place added finishes as well as touches on them that-- I imply, no one in this community, unless they were keeping the residence or was a homeowner improving it, would certainly have added a double-stacked cabinet (like I did to this house today). "What the individuals see is us emphasized in a home on an episode," Scott told The Las Vegas Sun. When not grabbing up real estate or arguing over a style information on a home she as well as Scott are flipping, she could typically be found with her equines or on one of 8 bikes that she has. What finished up taking place is we sold our house as well as were around to leave, as well as I heard somebody claim that you can acquire a home in Vegas for $36,000 that would certainly rent for $900 a month. Relating to the greatest false impression that visitors might have regarding the show, Scott Yancey said, "What the people see is us worried in a residence on an episode.

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